At the House of Mrs Millgate, 2019, 5min 09sec, HD video, Stereo sound, looped 



Installation view, Royal College of Art, 2019

‘At the House of Mrs Millgate’ is a temporal exploration of a modernist house in North London, which has been immaculately preserved since it was built in the 1950’s. The film particularly focuses upon domestic artefacts that shape and influence our experience of the interior and provides a glimpse of a life lived through the domestic environment. The narration is mediated through the deliberate juxtaposition of carefully chosen objects that serve to ‘speak’ of the inhabitants. This experimental portrait of place is aided by the use of an archival recording of concrete poetry by Kurt Schwitters, which creates a context for the film.

The film reactivates domestic space through the juxtaposition of moving image and sound to generate new interpretations of modernist spaces.